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Welcome to the home of the illustrated children's book series about Buffles the baby bison and his pals.

Where to get it?

Our first illustrated Buffles story is now available, in English, from on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com in several eBook (electronic book) formats:

  • Mobi format used by Kindle
  • Epub format used by Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo
  • PDF format for reading on a PC or for printing
  • RTF format usable by most word processors
  • LRF format used by older model Sony Readers
  • HTML format used by websites

Get it from Smashwords here (~70% of purchase price goes to authors).

Get it from Amazon here (~35% of purchase price goes to authors).

A Spanish edition will be available shortly.  We are still working on our Japanese and our Korean editions.  Also, hardcover editions of this book will be available in the near future.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Overview of the book


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When Buffalos Fly, The Prairie Tale Adventures of Buffles the Baby Bison is the first in a series of illustrated children's books about the adventures of a young buffalo calf. In this first book, Buffles explores his world while preparing to roam for the first time. The story winds through aspen groves, pine forests, meadows, mountains, lakes and prairies. Along the way readers are introduced to Buffles' family and friends. The story's theme revolves around the natural curiosity of the young, friendship, boundaries and the freedom to explore.

Available books

The first Buffles story will soon be available through Amazon and Smashwords in a variety of e-book and audio formats. Bound versions of the book are available for pre-order in English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. Also interactive and animated versions of the story will be made available for pre-order in the near future, and will be free to anyone ordering the first book in any version in advance of the interactive/animated release.


As the sun sets Miss Jocelyn advises Buffles on the details of flying.

Buffles p05 - crop


Buffles learns to fly...almost.

Site Buffles p06 small800


Buffles and his friend Hector the moose chat about roaming.

Site Buffles p07 small


Sun on the mountains.


Other Languages

Translations of the first Buffles story are under way, and will soon be available. Below are examples of Korean and Japanese translations. Spanish will be coming soon.


Japanese - courtesy of Satomi Alvillar:

LangDemo jpn00 - small800


Korean - courtesy of Eunice Pulum Kim:

LangDemo krn00 - small800


Reasons for writing the book

Reading should be fun! When you get kids interested in reading, you help them to discover one of life's treasures - the enormous diversity of the human mind and spirit that books represent. There's nothing like exploring the world by way of the magical dimension of books. When kids have fun reading a story, they are likely to want read more. The same goes for hearing a story read aloud. If the story and art are interesting and fun, kids will keep coming back for more.


The illustrations for the story are intended to tell a part of the story that the words can't. They were created using cut, sculpted and layered paper. The choice and use of colors were designed to reflect aspects of light and color in nature, such as reflections in water and color in shadows.

More books to come

There are currently five more Buffles' adventures being sketched out, and construction on the next book is underway.

Future goals for the Buffles series

1. Interactive, multi-lingual versions of the book, wherein native speakers and second language learners can each listen to the story in an audio format in their own language or in other languages. Each word of the text will be highlighted as it is read, and touching words will allow children to hear the word spoken and defined in their language.

2. Incorporate some simple animation on each page just for fun and have interactive surprises such as touching Buffles and having him laugh, sending leaves swirling onto the next page, or by touching certain words such as water or splash and having those words turn to water and run off the page washing away the words they touch.

3. Create a Buffles' penpal page where kids can write to Buffles and get answers about nature, America, buffalos, etc.





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